Friday, June 3, 2016


For the umpteenth time of demolishing and reconstructing this blog, I'm just not sorry. The thing is, I'm this ridiculous indecisive goon and always gonna remain as one. Old habit die hard. Born characteristic? Kekeke.

I ges I'll always be this fool who is driven around by passion and heart instead of brain but in its long run, that ain't gonna end well. Passion need constant fueling, and going full throttle in one go will only drought inspirations to nada yada. Tak sempat nak restock. It's time to settle down a bit. I'm 27 now, good lord! and I can no longer afford extended play time. Wuuu..

Kembali serious.

My final verdict from my break; I need this space to be personal again. I write my own story best (ain't we all?). And I have little to no interest of others' to write something enticing or mind breaking. I'm just not there yet. Or maybe it's just not for me?

I have tried satire. But it ain't feel right. Perhaps, I'm not loud enough to push one. Haha. I'll probably try again. Maybe with a different approach. Don't get me wrong. I like to read one! Hence, it only natural to make an attempt right?

While about dakwah... This one heavy subject. I personally think it's very dangerous to make opinion about something we are not very well informed of, lagi-lagi about agama. Let's be very careful with this one. It's not a taboo subject. Dakwah adalah dituntut. Tapi dengan ilmu. Bukan pakai akal.

So yeah.. this blog is back being a random blog of mine. I'll talk about anything like I used to (macam lah kau rajin post before ni, Yu). Perhaps, that gonna settle issues hal tak da idea.

I rant very well too. Haha. But I do intended it to be a little different this time. —I think I finally land a knack and owned a voice in my writing, sebab before ni my writing sounds more like an echoes of others' thoughts instead of my own. Lepas digi detox, I finally found my own.

Befriending few other steadfast comic blogger, I learned a lot from them too. I always wonder how the hell people manage to pull off an entry every week when I can't even manage to write a decent paragraph. Blog Buasir Otak lagi otai, everyday ada update. <--Boss jangan cakap aku tak payung!

Rupanya to write a good post, kena prepare awal-awal materials dia. Key dia listen more and don't think too much of the ifs. Project our own opinion without trying to push others off their pedestal. We can always agree to disagree. After all, "Opinions are like asshole. Everybody got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks" —Simone Elkeles via Daygoon.

Let's reflect more on our self instead of trying to paint on others flaws and mistakes. It's not wrong to have opinions about stuff, but to be obstinately dogmatic and think ours is the ultimate fact? Sure, someone has to be right, but most of the time, we fight over the same idea seeing from different perspective. Ugh, don't even get me started on this.  Above all , let's just respect each other wokeyy.(Duhh Yu.. ain't it obvious enough?)

Woaww, panjang! Kan dah kata. I rant very well. Kalau suruh aku membebel, I can even pull of three consecutive allnighters. Haha. Okay guys, I bid you adieu! Stay awesome squad!

p/s: Aku dah tukar domain blog ni. So real time blog update dari blog nama lama aku takkan keluar dah dekat dashboard korang. Ampunn... Kalau korang rajin, follow la sekali lagi so dia refresh domain yang lama tu. :)


  1. Welcome back, Yus.
    Buat je apa yang kau rasa kau nak buat.
    Kalau nak kena fikir orang lain, jawapannya lambat laa nak ke depan.

    Blogging scene pada aku semakin dilupai. Yang ada pun memilih nak baca blog mana. Sesama kawan pun jangan harap sangat nak selalu datang singgah baca. SO at the end of the road, yang ada hanyalah diri kita sendiri, so...

    ...buatlah apa yang kau rasa kau nak buat tanpa fikirkan orang lain.

    1. U r the best C. That's so true. And most of them nak jana income je semata dri blog. Review barang sbb di sponsor. Buat blog just sbb nak join giveaway. Tpi aku percaya.. yg tegar dan rajin sentiasa ade. Macam korang. :')

  2. BLOG ni comel sangat T^T sukalah main tekan-tekan benda dalam blog ni hahaha

  3. Ohmai the loading part yang ada burung golek-golek pun comel! T^T (ok i should stop fangirling over this cute thingy huhu)

    1. Comment yang made my day! Thank You! Hahaha.. Selamat main tekan2.



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